Are you building your dream business or organization, but lack the time and energy to focus on the part of your business where you truly shine?

As a Virtual Assistant, I am a trusted partner who helps heart-centered entrepreneurs.

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I help develop and grow online business systems and take enough off your plate to give you the time and energy to recharge your creativity, relationships, and passion for your business.

Maybe you remember what it felt like when you first started your business?  Words like “passion” and “inspiration” were peppering your description of your work. This work could make a difference in the lives of others or even the planet. (You may not have admitted to such lofty goals in public, but you secretly hoped your work could make that big of an impact.)

Plus, the icing on the cake was you would be working for yourself; promising the freedom to work where, when, and with whom you wanted to. And then, things started to pile up.

  • Your email inbox is starting to turn into the “monster under the bed,” too scary to open. Five to ten emails a day are growing uncontrollably into 25-35. Argghh, important emails from clients are getting lost.
  • If you could face it, you might admit that your to-do list is two months longer than the time available.
  • You would update your blog or email list if you could just find your password, again, for the umpteenth time.
  • A lot of small business entrepreneurs (you’re not alone) are do-it-yourself bootstrappers and by the time they get a clue that they need help, they are already doing the work of two people. Sound familiar?

Overwhelm is beginning to set in, patience and creativity are getting hard to find. It doesn’t have to be this way; it can be easier, even fun.


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Solution: My Brilliance. As a Virtual Assistant, I can help you have more time, tenaciously help get things done,  and be proactive about ways to grow your business and achieve your goals.


“Before Joanne started working with Opportunity Knocks and me, due to lack of resources and experience, we were not operating the organization as efficiently as we could have been. Joanne took us to a level of systematization that increased our efficiency and allowed us to do so much more. Joanne was the “wearer of many hats” and mastered it all well, from providing marketing assistance, project coordination, event management to day-to-day bookkeeping and database accuracy. Joanne is a “problem solver” and never stopped questioning if things could be run better, regardless of any unfamiliarity to a new adventure; she always dove in, looking for the best solution. Working side-by-side with her for many years, was a pleasure. We worked as a team. Her integrity and positive and caring attitude were always appreciated.”
Susie Stevens, Facilitator Coordinator Opportunity Knocks

With the help of a virtual assistant, you can get the support you need. With the relinquishing of tasks and streamlining of systems, you may find the time and energy returning to you that you need to properly nourish yourself, your family and your business. From this relaxed space, what could you and your business accomplish?


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