Who This Is For

Want to work with a Steadfast Alliance Builder?

If you match one or more of these scenarios I can help:

  • Allow more money: Clients have found you and want what you have to offer. Your schedule is starting to fill up. You could see more paying clients if you didn’t also have to track expenses and update your email list.
  • Allow more time: Is your family asking for more time with you? Your mate and children roll their eyes when you sneak back into the office to just get one more project done?
  • Work environment freedom: You work from home, it’s just you and the cat there all day, and you like it that way. When you get down to it your office is wherever your laptop is open. You do not want to be limited by hiring an employee who works on-site everyday.
  • Uphold quality:  You have spent a considerable amount of money and time developing the look and feel of your company. You are at the point of being too overwhelmed to monitor the details like a misspelled word in your blog post.
  • Shine: You’ve got lots of ideas of how to share your unique gifts: record a meditation, write a ten day auto-responder series to help deepen the experience of your work, build your list to a point where you can teach webinars to people from all over the globe, take your workshops to Europe. Ideas, ideas, ideas! And then, you start to research the technology that is necessary to make all of this happen and confusing words like broadcasts, auto-responders, forms, transaction ID, buy button, webinar, filters, widget, subscriber list come avalanching down on you, and your mind goes ……..blank.
  • Trust and motivation: You wish you could find an employee who thinks for herself and is self-motivated to help you release your potential.

 Working with Ripple Effects is for:

  • Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs who are called to make a difference in their communities or on this planet;
  • Conscious Professionals who are ready to start offering new services to their clients;
  • Holistic or Health Practitioners who want to manage their practices more efficiently;
  • Facilitators & Workshop Leaders who need more effective coordinating techniques; and
  • Online Business Managers who need help taking care of their clients.

You and I will enjoy working together if you:

  • Want to make a difference in the world
  • Feel strongly in your heart that we are all called to be of service to individuals, society, and the planet;
  • Enjoy working together to solve problems;
  • Believe that a fun, friendly work environment (physical or virtual) allows for more to get accomplished;
  • Believe that the face of business can include spirituality, love, and right intention;
  • Seeking a work/life balance that supports your desire to be healthy, relaxed and well; and
  • Want to be profitable in a way that has integrity and honors your values.

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Use this handy email address to ask any questions you may have. joanne@rippleeffectsva.com