portrait-moe carrick“She helps with heart, curiosity, and fortitude….”

Joanne Diepenheim has been nothing less than a crucial resource for our growing consultancy!  Her partnership, as we have implemented Infusionsoft to maintain regular contact with all our customers has been instrumental to expanding crucial past, current and future relationships. Joanne is the consummate professional, but with a dynamic inquiring mind that helps us think creatively about the solutions we require for our firm. Infusionsoft is complicated, and not at all in the wheelhouse of our team, organizational development specialists.  Many times we have felt awkward, confused, and even beaten down by the task ahead, and Joanne has never relented in her positive, solutions focused presence.

Joanne has helped us as well with streamlining many other systems in the firm from calendaring solutions to digital signatures.  We consider her a part of the team and are beyond grateful for her partnership. I highly recommend Joanne and Ripple Effects to anyone seeking tools to scale their firm, including launching the daunting task of Infusionsoft.  She helps with heart, curiosity, fortitude, and learning, all precious assets in such a key role.
~Moe Carrick, Moementum, Inc.

Alli Brook

“Joanne made this a breeze!”

I have managed multiple Infusionsoft projects in the past, and Joanne’s support was very thorough and efficient in creating our Referral Partner Program. It’s been a joy to watch affiliates sign themselves up, promote offerings, and share in the abundance!

~ Alli Brook, Your Virtual Allies


Diane Allen

“Are you looking to save bucket loads of time?”

Are you looking to save bucket loads of time, get help with your technical needs, and have somebody who can really think big picture wise on structures and systems that will help you run your business more smoothly? I found all of those qualities and more with Joanne Diepenheim, Virtual Assistant.

My name is Diane Allen, Public Speaking Coach, EloquentExpression.com. Go and check out my website. Why? Because Joanne assembled it, and she did a fabulous job. Not only that, that’s just the surface. There are many, many things that she does behind the scenes infrastructure wise that help me run my business very smoothly.

I recommend Joanne highly.
~ Diane Allen, Eloquent Expression


mollie shea

“I feel absolutely supported by her warmth and expertise”

What I love about working with Joanne is that things get done, and it’s fun!  What makes her so effective as a virtual assistant is an ability to use both sides of her brain and all of her heart while moving a project forward.  Joanne provides a unique blend of creative genius and rock solid technical back up and follow-through.  I feel absolutely supported by her warmth and expertise, knowing that she’s keeping track of all the moving parts and steadily putting them together.  When dealing with others on my behalf, she is a wonderful advocate, always finding the best price for outsourced work and applying a keen eye to what is essential at any stage of the game.  Ripple Effects Virtual Assistance is allowing me to easefully expand my business and reach in the world while realizing my dream –to live each day in love, appreciation, abundance, and well-being while helping others to do the same. 
~Mollie Shea, Blue Skies Healing Arts

photo of Tom Compton

“Joanne was gentle, patient and persistent with my resistance to all things technical and administrative.”

I am basically a one-man operation, great at what I do and offer, dependent on word-of-mouth, repeat business and keeping my contacts up to date and connected with events and services that I offer. I have always cringed at growing my contact list and putting together a professional looking mailing, informing people of new events.

 In my first meeting with Joanne, she asked a series of questions about myself, my current streams of income, what I love and want to see grow. After answering these questions, she suggested the first wave of support to make my life easier and keep me doing what I love. I agreed and Joanne went to work implementing what we had discussed. Joanne was gentle, patient and persistent with my resistance to all things technical and administrative.

Thanks to Joanne, I now have an easy way of growing my contacts within a professional email list.  Visitors to my website can add themselves to my email list via an opt-in box. She created a simple email campaign template for newsletters and event notifications that is actually fun for me to play with and looks professional. I actually want to spend time now playing with these tools, and my contact list is growing, even while I sleep. I look forward to continuing waves of support from Joanne.
~Tom Compton certified coach for The Work of Byron Katie


photo of Susie Stevens“Joanne took us to a level of systematization that increased our efficiency and allowed us to do so much more.”

Before Joanne started working with Opportunity Knocks and me, due to lack of resources and experience, we were not operating the organization as efficiently as we could have been. Joanne took us to a level of systematization that increased our efficiency and allowed us to do so much more. Joanne was the “wearer of many hats” and mastered it all well, from providing marketing assistance, project coordination, event management to day-to-day bookkeeping and database accuracy. Joanne is a “problem solver” and never stopped questioning if things could be run better, regardless of any unfamiliarity to a new adventure; she always dove in, looking for the best solution. Working side-by-side with her for many years, was a pleasure. We worked as a team. Her integrity and positive and caring attitude were always appreciated.
Susie Stevens, Former Executive Director Opportunity Knocks 


 place holder“While her accounting skills always keep her mindful of the “bottom line” her creativity and organizational skills allow her to successfully plan and execute events and workshops from start to finish.”

 Joanne’s tenacity, willingness and enthusiasm to tackle the unknown keep business moving forward. She is a problem-solver, a project manager, always looking for new ways to bring in new business, communicate with clients, and keeps the core business running smoothly, all at the same time. While her accounting skills always keep her mindful of the “bottom line” her creativity and organizational skills allow her to successfully plan and execute events and workshops from start to finish. She is not afraid to ask, approach, learn, and make mistakes. She is driven by a constant need to understand, improve, and be successful on a personal and professional level, yet manages to maintain balance and a sense of humor in her work
~Karen Mayall, Project Accounting Manager Gradient Resources


photo of Steve Curley“She is a life-long learner”

Joanne is conscientious and detailed in her project work. She is life-long learner and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend her.

~Steve CurleyBrand + Market Strategist, Steve Curley


Flora Elmore“Do you want personal care for all aspects of your project?”

I thought I would take a minute and send out some love to Joanne Diepenheim the best Virtual Assistant on the net today.  I contacted Joanne in February after finding her through a niching contest of a friend, Tad Hargrave.  Her heart centered energy caught my attention, and I knew she would be able to work with the chaos of my growing business.  I asked Joanne to set up a new shopping cart for my website that would match the needs of my clients.  She researched the best options and presented three viable carts for me.

When you hire Joanne, know that you are going to get personalized care for all aspects of your project. She provides you with a rundown of all that she has completed throughout the project so that you can best manage your time. Plus, you can feel confident that your project will look professionally done and represent your company in the best light.
Joanne, I love you much, and you will always have my stamp of approval.
~ Flora Elmore, The Good Luck Lady


Photo of Tad Hodgert, DMD“Great researcher- errorless info, exacting craftsmanship”

Personable, thorough, great researcher-errorless info, exacting craftsmanship, SOLID and consistent…highest recommendations.

~Tad Hodgert, DMD, Masters of Dentistry



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