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What Are Virtual Assistants & What Sets Me Apart?

“Virtual Assistants are highly skilled independent contractors who perform a wide range of administrative, creative, technical and other business service. However VAs do not simply offer office support services, we develop collaborative relationships with our clients. Virtual Assisting is all about partnering with clients in order to represent them and their business from any distance.”
~Canadian Virtual Assistant Network (CVAN)

I’ve got your back If I take on a project, I own it. I do what I can, ask for help when I need it and seek outside resources if needed. And, hold the space for it to get accomplished.

Relationship-based Model My mindset and skill set get revved-up when I know you well enough to understand where you are coming from. The work we do together will flow from knowing your preferences, your expectations, and how you like to communicate. In this relationship-based model, I can help you hold the vision for your business.

Techie Virtual Assistant Today, you can operate a business from your favorite coffee shop, overseas or from home in your PJ’s. Love it. What makes this geographic freedom possible are all these new business tools that might make you go cross-eyed: websites, getting paid online and keeping in touch with your peeps; newsletters, blogs and articles. OH MY! I am a techie geek, and would love to help.

Ripple Effects logoA simple singular act causes connection and ever expanding change to occur. Throw a pebble into a pond and create ripples….

When you throw a pebble into a river you may notice a splash leaps up where the pebble entered the water, hear that piquant ker plink of the water meeting the stone, and see the effect of perfect circles multiplying, growing and expanding to the river’s edge.

These are the known and predictable results of throwing a pebble into water. What occurs next is exciting and unpredictable. The ker plink sound of the splash may startle a great blue heron, that you didn’t see, just upstream. The big bird takes flight and startles your dog, who barks. A child is delighted by the dog’s barking and throws up her arms with joy. A fish is alerted by the child’s excitement and gets to swim away from the hunting heron to live another day.

What ripples could we set in motion for you in your life and business?

“Yes,” you are probably thinking, “the soft skills mindset sounds great, but what do you actually do? I need some details. “ Good question. I like details too.
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